A Wonderful Christmas Present from Jaguar Land Rover!

This week, Jaguar Land Rover came into School to donate £750 for our Lego Therapy approaches as part of their ’12 Days of Christmas’ project. We can’t thank them enough and a huge thank you to Mrs Walker for making it happen!

As part of their visit to School, Mrs Walker and Miss Whitcombe gave representatives from JLR a tour of the school and demonstrated Lego Therapy strategies.

A Lovely Letter of Positivity for the New School Year!

Miss Whitcombe has received some wonderful post for the fantastic children at Robin Hood Academy just in time for the beginning of the new school year!

This lovely card of positivity is from a lady called Jodi Ann Bickley, an advocate of emotional wellbeing, positive affirmations and being kind to one another. Jodi has written a book called ‘One Million Lovely Letters’ and featured on the BBC for her work on supporting emotional wellbeing.

The card is filled with wonderful words and applies to each and every member of our marvellous school!

What beautiful wishes for us all at the beginning of an exciting new year ahead!

Good Luck to Year 6!

We would like to wish all of our Year 6 children a huge good luck in their SATs tests this week! You have all worked so hard and your teachers could not be more proud of you. As you prepare for the week ahead, below are some top tips to help support your wellbeing during this very busy time …

On Friday, we sent out to all parents a SATs Wellbeing Guide with handy hints and tips to help support your child during SATS Week. Please speak to your child’s Class Teacher if you did not receive this guide or have any further questions or concerns.